January 17, 2017

Latte & Learn

January 18 - Matt Alimagham (Computer & Engineering Technology Professor at SCC) will demonstrate the NAO robot and discuss careers in programming, computer engineering, and robotics.

February 1 - Josh Young (Superintendent for Robins & Morton, the company building the indoor Wofford stadium) will discuss careers in construction management and architecture.

February 17 - Quan Ellis (QL from Radio Station 98.1 and Dorman graduate) will discuss careers in communications.

March 1 - Hugh Burnett (Co-inventor of the water treatment Remin Process) will discuss environmental engineering, patents, and research and development.

March 15 - Biochemist

March 29 - Brian Nielsen (Manager for W.W. Williams, a company which services large & specialty vehicles) will discuss careers in automotive repair and automotive engineering.

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