Krysti Byrd

Consumer Sciences Department

Room #: B122
Phone #: 864-582-4347 ext.2122

Class Schedule

First Semester
First Block - Fashion, Fabric, and Design I
Second Block - Foods and Nutrition I
Third Block - Planning
Fourth Block - Foods and Nutrition I

Second Semester
First Block - Fashion, Fabric, and Design I
Second Block - Planning
Third Block - Fashion, Fabric, and  Design I
Fourth Block - Foods and Nutrition I

 Parent Letter/Syllabus

Fashion, Fabrics, and Design I

Foods and Nutrition I


Times available for help outside of class:

  • Mornings (prior to first block)  
  • During 3rd block (first semester) and 2nd block (second semester)
  • After school

Please make an appointment prior to arrival.