Michelle Pfeiffer

Science Department

Contact Information
Michelle M. Dillard
Room: A218
Phone: (864) 582-4347 ( ext. 1218 )
Email: dillarmc@spart6.org

Course Schedule
Fall 2010
    1st Block - Chemistry I. Honors
    2nd Block - Physics I. Honors
    3rd Block - Planning
    4th Block - Physics I. Honors

Spring 2011
    1st Block - Advanced Placement Physics
    2nd Block - Planning
    3rd Block - Chemistry CP
    4th Block - Chemistry CP

Course Information
Physics Honors and AP Syllabus
Physics Expectations
Physics Welcome Letter

Chemistry Welcome Letter
Chemistry Honors Syllabus

Information for extra help
Before School Hours
Monday- Friday: 7:30-bell

After School Hours
Monday- Thursday: 3:45-4:30
by appointment

USC- 1992 B.S. Biology
Converse- 1994 Masters of Education
USC - Advanced Placement Certification- Physics
Furman - Advanced Placement Certification- Chemistry
Converse- Advanced Placement Certification- Environmental Science
National Board Certification in Science