Special Services

Study Skills

This course is designed for students pursuing a high school diploma who may need instructional support with their academic courses. The instructional goals for the learner are to achieve success in all content area classes, develop and reinforce study and organizational skills, promote student responsibility and self-advocacy, strengthen the student's awareness of current events, contemporary issues, and cultural literacy through reading and writing. Study skills classes are organized and managed to allow for teacher directed lessons addressing study strategies, organizational skills, job-related skills, or other individual needs. Students also utilize class time for independent study of content area courses. Teacher direction, guidance and assistance will be available to each student during this time. Each student's progress in all regular classes will be monitored routinely. These progress reports will be available to each student and his/her parents and teachers. This direct communication with the students' teachers and parents is an essential part of this course.

L.I.F.E. (Learning for Independence and Future Employment)

The LIFE Program is available for students who are not pursuing a South Carolina High School Diploma. Students must earn 24 units of credit in this program in order to be eligible to receive a certificate upon graduation. Students who complete the program successfully and are employed during their senior year are eligible for an occupational diploma through Spartanburg County School District Six.

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